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We Have The Best Tinctures In Washington

The various forms of marijuana on the market provide consumers throughout Washington with a variety of options. While some prefer the traditional method of smoking or the newer options to vape or dab, an alternative option that is gaining traction is the use of tinctures.

What Are Tinctures?

Tinctures are produced by extracting cannabinoids from cannabis plants. This is usually done using alcohol or a CO2 extraction method. The concentrated plant compounds, including THC, are then combined with a carrier oil, which is often coconut or MCT oil.
The result is a concentrated, easy to absorb formulation. The best tinctures can be used on their own or added to foods and beverages. Most people find the best tinctures require just a few drops under the tongue to experience the wellness benefits.
The best tinctures for relaxation, energy, mental focus, and creativity are available at Mary Mart. We offer tinctures from Ceres, Fairwinds, and Green Revolution. Each product offers different ratios of CBD, THC, and other cannabinoids. Mary Mart even offers dispensary holiday specials on tinctures. We recommend trying different options to find which brand and formulation produces the desired results.
Our staff at the Tacoma, Washington dispensary are always ready and willing to help you find the ideal tincture for your desired results. Be sure to visit us around the holidays for the best Christmas dispensary deals in Tacoma! We are also available by phone at 253- 507-4735 to assist you with answers to questions you may have about any of our products or the ordering and shipping process.
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Marijuana Tinctures

Are you searching for tinctures in Tacoma near you? Take a look at our menu below and if you have any questions, give us a call at (253) 507-4735! We have educated personnel on staff to answer any questions you have as well as in-store budtenders who will walk you through all our current stock of products.

Tinctures are a fantastic way to consume your cannabis. Ours are top-shelf brands and therefore extracted to perfection. If you're a new consumer and looking for somewhere to start, a tincture may be right for you. Come into our retail store in South Tacoma and one of our team members will you help you find the right product for you!