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Five Signs You Are a Cannasseur

If you’ve spent time reading through cannabis blogs, you may have seen the term “cannasseur” pop up. You might be wondering if you fit the criteria, or maybe you know you do and you’re checking in to see if we know our stuff. Whether you’re an experienced cannasseur or you’re reading the word for the […]

The Difference Between Live Resin and Full Spectrum Extracts

Whether you know your way around a dispensary or not, seeing the wide variety of new products and forms of cannabis can be overwhelming. As the one-stop shop for all cannabis products in Tacoma, Washington, including live resin extracts, full spectrum extracts, flower, edibles, and any peripherals you may need to enjoy cannabis products, Mary […]

Vendor Highlight – Local Harvest 🌲

Today, 4/14/23, we are highlighting one of our new vendors, Local Harvest! Local Harvest was established back in 2021 and is also local to Tacoma. They pride themselves on being community oriented while implementing company morals that aid in the betterment of their employees. Their mission is to make cannabis more enjoyable, affordable and repeatable […]

Types of Cannabis Infused Beverages

People that visit the website or drop by our shop are always surprised at the variety of cannabis infused beverages we offer. Our goal is to provide the beverage types, ratios, and flavors that make it easy for each of our customers to find something they enjoy that induces relaxation and/or offers a different and […]

Best Fairwinds Products for Health and Wellness

Our vendor highlight of the month of June is Fairwinds and their sister brand, Passion Flower! We wanted to take some time in this blog to post to share info about their new products!   Fairwinds Refresh and Remix powder mixes: Refresh flavors: Strawberry Lemonade, Classic Lemonade and Tropical Hawaiian Remix flavors: Margarita and Pina […]

A Brief on The CBD Beverage

It is common for people to assume that the use of CBD is relatively new. In fact, the use of CBD from hemp and psychoactive cannabis plants was used in many different ancient civilizations. Used both for medicinal and ceremonial purposes, these CBD beverages were most likely used by many in the population. Early History […]

Conducting a successful contactless payment at Mary Mart

Contactless payments are here, thanks to Aeropay! Aeropay provides users security and ease for setting up and using contactless payments. This post will go through the simple steps on how to conduct a successful contactless payment at Mary Mart and what to expect when paying using Aeropay at the POS. How to set-up your Aeropay […]

What to Know About Taking Edibles for Better Sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep is important for your physical and mental health. Most adults struggle with getting a full night of sleep or being able to go to sleep when they go to bed. Edibles containing THC and/or CBD are highly effective at creating relaxation, both physical and mental, that allows people to drift […]

The Best Weed Strains for Beginners

Over time, different strains of marijuana have evolved based on specific types of cultivating and selecting desirable plants within each strain. A strain can be considered like a varietal of grape used in the production of specific types of wines. Each strain has unique properties, effects, and flavors. Before considering the best weed strains for […]