Five Signs You Are a Cannasseur

If you’ve spent time reading through cannabis blogs, you may have seen the term “cannasseur” pop up. You might be wondering if you fit the criteria, or maybe you know you do and you’re checking in to see if we know our stuff. Whether you’re an experienced cannasseur or you’re reading the word for the first time, Mary Mart, the best dispensary in Tacoma, Washington, is here to give you the DL on what it means to be a cannasseur. Here’s a free one: If you’re reading this blog, you probably are one.


You Know Your Strains

You know what you like and what you don’t like, and you’re always willing to try a new strain. You go to dispensaries that are always stocking new brands and strains for you to try, and you love talking with budtenders and other regulars to give and receive suggestions on what you should try next. You know what the best weed strains for you are, and you have a good idea of what a newbie might like too. You know about terpenes, cannabinoids, flavonoids, etc. and how they all work together (the entourage effect).


You Like Learning About Cannabis

Maybe you’re subscribed to a cannabis magazine, or maybe you have five different bookmarks on your computer leading to different cannabis wikis and review websites so you can find out what you should try next or if there’s any news you need to know. You know where to find the best weed in Washington, and you love telling other people about it so they can smoke it too. Maybe you’ve even visited cannabis conferences. Regardless of how you do it, you’re always informed and learning more about cannabis.


Your Budtender Knows Your Name 

This one is self-explanatory – you only shop at the best dispensary in Tacoma(that’s us), and everyone who works there knows who you are. Maybe they even have your order ready when you walk in because you’re there so often.


You Don’t Just Smoke

You love cannabis in all its forms – flower, edibles, concentrates, vapes, tinctures, and topicals. You consume in different ways for different reasons, but it’s always quality stuff. 

You Can Roll a Blunt

You might not like doing it, but you know how to if you need to. You keep a stash of flower and some rolling paper just in case. 


If you meet even one of these five criteria, you’re considered a cannasseur at Mary Mart. Being a cannasseur isn’t about being pretentious, it’s about being curious and seeking out new experiences with cannabis.


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