Mary Mart Recreational Cannabis Dispensary Announces New Website

TACOMA, WA — Mary Mart, a local adult-use recreational dispensary launched a new website today. Mary Mart is known locally for having friendly, knowledgeable staff and a diverse product menu that features options to satisfy everyone — from cannabis novices to sophisticated cannabis connoisseurs.

Mary Mart owner, Damien McDivitt, a Tacoma local is excited about the new site and being able to better serve their loyal customers, while expanding their reach to new customers:

Being from Tacoma, we share a lot of pride with our customers, and we’re proud to serve the local community.

Mary Mart has developed a passionate local following.

From the day I walked in the door the staff at Mary Mart were incredible! So funny, so friendly and knowledgeable beyond belief, It’s not [just] one of my favorites — it is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE! I tell everyone who asks about this place and won’t go anywhere else. – Gabby Sutton

Mary Mart: Recreational Marijuana Dispensary Website

Mary Mart decided to create the new website with their customers in mind, to give them more value and improve their cannabis shopping experience by including:

  • A product search engine where any patient can look for a specific strain within the company’s available inventory.
  • A live menu providing countless curated products from flowers, edibles, to drinks and accessories.
  • A section where patients can see the days to shop for the best cannabis deals at their local store for great prices.
  • A place where any patient can contact them directly online with any questions before they leave their home.
  • A mobile and tablet friendly design so patients can easily find the product they’re looking for, and get instant directions to the store based on their location.

About Mary Mart: Mary Mart is a family-run recreational and medicinal marijuana store focused on friendly, personable customer service, providing the best product at a reasonable price in a casual, comfortable and dignified environment.

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