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Soothe Your Body With CBD Topicals

Post-workout aches or muscle strains from daily life can create discomfort and pain that impacts your ability to sleep, be active, and do the things you love. CBD topicals are a popular choice to help soothe and relieve tired and aching muscles and support you in your effort to rest after a long day. 

CBD Balms and Roll-Ons

Mary Mart offers many different formulations in CBD topicals. CBD balms are used on specific areas of the body where muscle stiffness, soreness, or strain is a problem. The balms can be used as needed and in conjunction with other products from our dispensary or online store. Roll-ons are another option to consider, allowing you to apply the balm just where it is needed.

CBD Lotions

Treat your whole body with our CBD lotions. Different products are designed to provide various results, from increasing circulation in the area of discomfort to assisting in hydrating the skin and leaving it smooth, soft, and silky.
The CBD lotions we stock are of exceptional quality and are made by top manufacturers in the country. These products can be used as needed and are easy to take when traveling.
Each of the CBD topicals we offer has a different scent. However, unlike other types of creams, balms, and lotions, the scent is typically natural and herbal rather than the overwhelming menthol scent of sports creams and topicals.
Let our staff at Mary Mart help you find the right CBD topicals for your needs. Be sure to visit Mary Mart this holiday season to find the best holiday dispensary deals in Tacoma! Just call us at 253- 507-4735 or drop by our location in Tacoma, Washington.
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Marijuana Topicals

We have an incredible selection of recreational topicals nearby at our local Tacoma retail store. Take a look at our menu below to see what we have in-stock or come in and talk to one of our budtenders. We have topicals for every need and we’re dedicated to helping you find the product that’s best for you.
Our various brands of cannabis topicals are curated by our staff to ensure the best possible experience for you as our customer. Our team is educated, friendly, and confident in their ability to find you the topical you need. Have a question? Please call us at (253) 507-4735 or come in and visit us today!