Guide to using Vaporizer Batteries

Besides the e-juice, what else do you have in mind that should be considered when vaping? Well, you should consider the battery power. How long do vaporizer batteries last, and how long should they take to charge? These are two critical factors influencing your vaping experience.

Vaporizer Batteries

In this blog post, we will highlight factors affecting your vape batteries’ performance and lifespan.

What exactly are vape mods?

Generally, how long a vaporizer battery can last when fully charged is determined by two factors. One is the battery’s capacity, and the other is the device’s frequency and length of use. For those vapes that come with an OLED screen, you can easily read the remaining power and estimate when the subsequent charging is required. If your non-combusting dry herb vaporizer does not have a screen, you can tell when it needs a recharge by looking at the amount of vapor or checking the battery indicators.

However, many other factors, such as battery selection, the completeness of battery wraps, battery case, the environment, and battery charging habits, may have a long-term impact on battery life.

The battery wraps

This is the protective casing closest to the battery, and it can effectively prevent short circuits and power leaks. If your battery’s cover is compromised, do not hesitate to rewrap your battery with the new one. You could go to a nearby vape shop and seek assistance.

Using the appropriate batteries

In addition to those with built-in batteries, it is critical to select the suitable batteries for your favorite vaping devices. There are numerous batteries on the market that are designed for various devices. Some batteries are ideal for Sub-ohm vaping, others for low wattage vaping, and still others should be kept away from your vaporizer. When purchasing batteries, consider checking your vaping device’s spec requirements before making the appropriate investment.

CBD Vaporizer

It is important to note that we strongly advise you to buy the batteries from a licensed vape shop or e-shop. Products obtained through unidentified channels cannot guarantee quality, which can be dangerous. Besides, if you’ve any related questions, you can get an immediate response from the staff, saving you time and unnecessary hassle.

Making use of battery cases

Just as we require a place to rest after work, the battery requires a place to be stored after use, and we are not referring to a fancy box. The simple vape battery will only need a small plastic box to fit it in, which should cost no more than two dollars.

It is critical to have a sturdy box that can offer essential battery protection. When your vaporizer battery is not in use, you should store it in a bag. If you have other metal parts in your bag, they will likely break the battery wrap if it is unboxed or cause a short circuit. Even scarier, short-circuited vape batteries can explode and cause severe damage.

Vaporizer Battery

Don’t leave your vape batteries charging unattended

It’s easy to forget that the vape batteries are still charging at times, but try not to do so too frequently. When a battery is charged for an extended time, its capacity decreases. Even if you had a high-quality battery charger, it could not guarantee your safety indefinitely. An electrical accident could occur due to external influences such as a short circuit or voltage overload.

You should consider buying a high-performance charger for your vaporizer battery rather than using your mod directly. It won’t cost you much, but instead, save you some dollars and allow your battery to charge more smoothly.

Don’t over-drain your batteries

Overwork is bad for our bodies, and it’s even worse for our vape batteries. Always charge the battery before completely depleting it; otherwise, it will lose capacity, particularly lithium-ion batteries.

Vape Batteries

During vaping, pay more attention to your device’s screen, vapor amount, or battery indicator. When the device’s remaining power reaches low levels, please turn it off and recharge the battery. It can thus extend the battery’s life and increase use cycles.

How long does it take to charge a vape battery?

How long it takes to charge a vape battery will depend on the following factors:  

  1. The first is your battery’s capacity; the larger the battery’s capacity, the longer it takes to charge fully.
  2. Second, the kind of charger you use will have a significant impact on the charging time. Nowadays, many chargers and even mods on the market have the capability of quick charging, which can save you some time when charging. However, some devices, huge ones, require nearly two hours to charge.
  3. Thirdly, the condition of your vaporizer battery is essential. If you do not maintain your battery, it will take longer to charge and last less time after being fully charged.
  4. Lastly, please verify your current location’s national standard voltage output. 


The performance of your vaporizer will impact your vaping experience in one way or another. Batteries contribute significantly to the performance of vapes. To boost your vaporizer’s lifespan, consider some of the tips highlighted above.


Guest blog by Ross Danson

Ross is a cannabis enthusiast and loves to share her thoughts about the industry via a variety of blog topics. Through her words, Ross is working hard to bring the right information about, the mostly-misunderstood, CBD and related products.


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