5 Surprising Celebrities Who Smoke Weed

Celebrities—they’re just like us. They go to the mall, shop at the grocery store, and toke up all the time.

In recent years, marijuana has become a lot less taboo, and more and more of our mainstream icons have admitted to smoking the ganja, including former Presidents like Barack Obama and Bill Clinton (although technically Bill didn’t inhale).

Here are a few examples you’d never expect of celebrities who smoke weed.

Barbara Streisand

While the singer and actress is known for her legendary grace on the Broadway stage, backstage she was smoking “some of the best grass in Hollywood”, according to her. Apparently, Mrs. Streisand used to light joints for many of the band members that would hang out in the theater’s green room before shows, and eventually worked her way into some good connections for great dope. Remember, this was way before a dispensary dotted every corner of Los Angeles. Who would have thought Barbra Streisand is the person to hit up for good weed?

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt has kept a cool public profile for most of his acting career, but lately, his divorce drama has left a lot of his personal information spilling out into the public. One tidbit we’ve learned recently is that Brad has a major love of pot, and would smoke frequently on sets and at home. His ex-wife, Angelina Jolie, was supposedly disturbed at the effect this habit had on their children, and it was one of the contributing factors to their divorce. We’re willing to bet, however, that Brad still blazes up on his own.

Jennifer Aniston

You definitely wouldn’t think of posh and prim Rachel from Friends to be the type of celebrity who smokes weed every Sunday afternoon, but apparently, Jennifer Aniston is a major pothead. When she was dating Brad Pitt, they smoked together all the time, and her cannabis use continues to this day, as she has testified multiple times to her experiences with the plant. “I enjoy it once in awhile. There is nothing wrong with that. Everything in moderation.”

Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman has played many distinguished roles, including God Almighty himself, but in reality, he’s a lovable old man who loves marijuana. Freeman has referred to marijuana as “God’s own plant” before, and he claims he will be a smoker until the day he dies. So next time someone tries to tell you that God doesn’t approve of that joint you’re smoking, you can rest easy knowing how wrong they are.

Ted Turner

Of all the celebrities who smoke weed, this one is definitely the biggest surprise. Ted Turner is the founder of CNN, former owner of the Atlanta Braves, and one of the most famous businessmen in America. When he isn’t working, however, Mr. Turner is known for his frequent puffing. Actually, he tokes while he’s working too—the news mogul has been spotted numerous times lighting up in his office! It goes to show you, there are stoners in both low and high places, including penthouse offices in Dallas or Manhattan.

The next time you’re taking a puff, just think of the great company you’re in!

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