Top 10 Stoner Movies of All Time

Dude, where’s my car? Classic lines like this abound in stoner movies and have been uttered by cannabis enthusiasts as a sort-of inside joke. In this list, we’ll explore the top ten movies that marijuana indulgers around the globe can relate to and enjoy.

10. Reefer Madness

Reefer Madness makes the list because it is unintentionally hilarious. Produced in 1936, a time when anti-marijuana propaganda was beginning to ramp up, the tale follows a group of high school students whose lives are ruined by reefer. One man who partook in the smoking of the “devil’s lettuce” was sentenced to life in a mental hospital for framing someone for murder!

A musical parody starring Kristen Bell and titled the same name pokes fun at the near-ancient film. If you’re intrigued, both movies can be viewed in their entirety on YouTube (Reefer Madness; Reefer Madness: The Movie Musical).

9. Arrival

This movie doesn’t involve any stoners or the usual comedic themes of a stoner movie, but it makes the list because if you are a fan of sci-fi movies and smoke before you see it, your mind will be blown.  Most alien movies revolve around an invasion of a hostile and highly advanced species, but Arrival focuses on the intricacies of first contact.  How would the world react if alien spaceships were to land?  More importantly, how would we communicate with them?  This movie will make you ponder the complexities of language and communication like never before. (View the trailer.)

8. Grandma’s Boy

This raunchy comedy follows the life of game-tester and pot smoker Alex Covert.  Alex is reluctantly forced to move into his Grandmother’s house after being thrown out of his apartment for failure to pay rent.  A series of hilarious events follows including one in which his Grandmother and friends accidently drink some of Alex’s marijuana infused tea. (View the trailer.)

7. Half Baked

Half-Baked is a classic stoner comedy in which a trio of friends must sell weed stolen from a pharmaceutical facility in hopes of raising enough money to bail out a buddy who is in jail for killing a police horse by feeding it junk food.  Yes, the rest of the movie is just as good as the setup and includes the comedic genius of Dave Chappelle.  (See Dave Chappelle in a hilarious clip.)

6. Pineapple Express

Named after the popular strain of the same name, Pineapple Express stars the dynamic duo of Dale (Seth Rogan) and Saul (James Franco) team up and fight for their lives after Dale witnesses a murder and drops a joint that can be traced back to Saul. Hilarity and quotable one-liners ensue. (Catch this clip featuring Seth Rogen and James Franco.)

5. Friday

We have Friday to thank for the line “I’m gonna get you high today”.  Craig Jones (Ice Cube) is tempted by his friend Smokey (Chris Tucker) to smoke weed after Craig is in the dumps about being fired from his job.  Smokey is a rather incompetent drug who finds himself in trouble with his own dealer since he has both no product and no money. (Watch the full movie on YouTube.)

4.  Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle

If only Harold and Kumar’s task of going to White Castle were as simple as the title of the movie makes it out to be.  After smoking and getting the munchies, the duo decides to take a trip to White Castle for some burgers but the trip goes haywire.  (View the trailer on YouTube.)

3.  Up in Smoke

Truly a classic stoner flick! Cheech and Chong are two hopeful rockstar stoners who unknowingly smuggle a van- made entirely of marijuana- from L.A. to Mexico.  Fans of Cheech and Chong’s movies usually agree that this is their best work of art. (Catch a preview — or watch the whole thing — on YouTube.)

2. Big Lebowski

Jeffrey “the dude” Lebowski-a pot-smoking hippie- is mistaken for a millionaire war-veteran Jeffrey Lebowski.  After “the dude’s” rug is urinated on by a pair of thugs who mistake him for being millionaire Lebowski, he embarks on a journey for compensation. (Catch this classic on YouTube.)

1. Dazed and Confused

A small Texas town celebrates the last day of high school during the year of 1976.  Many kids skip class to smoke pot and drink while looking forward to a massive keg party that’s being thrown later that night.  In addition to a humorous plot, the movie also boasts a star-studded cast including Matthew McConaughey and Ben Affleck. (For your viewing pleasure, catch the trailer on YouTube.)

Don’t see a stoner movie that you believe should have made the list?  Leave a comment below letting us know!

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