3 Ways Cannabis Can Improve Your Romantic Relationship

The list of things cannabis is good for is long and growing. For example, some current research we haven’t yet reported on shows that cannabis may have a role to play in treating common stomach disorders such as celiac, Crohn’s, and irritable bowel syndrome, among others.

But cannabis, as we all know, works not just on the physical level but the mental and emotional as well, making it a truly unique drug in the arsenal of available treatments. And this means that it could have a very real impact in a very important facet of your life: your romantic relationship.    

Cannabis and the Chemistry of Intimacy

Romantic relationships form around an emotional attraction, but—at the risk of destroying the mysterious nature of romance—behind the scenes, there are myriad chemical interactions at work. One of the most important involves a hormone called oxytocin, which is sometimes called “the bonding hormone” for its prominent role in romantic bonding and—maybe you guessed it—orgasms!

What does cannabis have to do with oxytocin? While the relationship is circumstantial—pending more research—it appears the Endocannabinoid System (with which you’re already familiar, right?) has a role to play in producing oxytocin.

Whether or not cannabis helps stimulate the production and release of oxytocin, it’s safe to say that it could have an impact on your relationship. Here’s how.

Better Sex

At the risk of cutting to the chase, it’s well-established that cannabis can have a marked effect on sexual enjoyment, particularly for women. One curious characteristic is that—because our response to cannabis is highly personal, some strains can have actually have a chilling effect on sexual enjoyment. The solution? Try as many strains as possible to find which works best for you!

Deeper Life Experiences

While it’d be misleading to claim “marijuana makes everything better,” responsible users will agree that it carries the potential to deepen one’s focus and enjoyment on a very granular and sensory level. The takeaway? If you and your partner both enjoy cannabis, it could well bring a whole new level of sensation and awareness to your experiences together.   

Reducing Friction and Defusing Conflict

Again, we want to be clear—cannabis will not make your issues magically disappear. However, some cannabinoids—most notably CBD—have been shown to reduce anxiety, which can be a major stress on your relationship (not to mention all the other aspects of your life). Some strains in particular have potential here; you may find that these are enough to help defuse the aggravating factors that lead to relationship stress.

In conclusion, while we don’t want to oversell the potential for cannabis in your romantic relationship, we have a strong belief that it can be a force for real positivity and intimacy-building, particularly in conjunction with our guidelines for responsible cannabis use.

If you’re ready to move into a level of deeper intimacy and bonding with your romantic partner—and you’re ready to move past the stereotype of cannabis as “lazy making”—perhaps it’s high time to try adding it to your life and judging the results for yourself.


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