5 Ways To Achieve Responsible Recreational Marijuana Use

We’re living in such a fascinating time in cannabis history, and it’s incredibly exciting to be playing a role in its emergence from behind the clouds of prohibition and misunderstanding.

This shift in perception—introducing many millions to the therapeutic and recreational potential of this fascinating plant—is a perfect time to pull over and ponder what being a safe, conscious and responsible consumer means. This includes being respectful of your body and mind, acting safely in the public sphere, and respecting the rights of others who may not wish to be exposed to cannabis use, including minors.

Don’t get us wrong: The idea isn’t to lay down ironclad rules and regulations, and it certainly isn’t an attempt to diminish cannabis’ enormous potential for good and for fun. We invite you to run down this checklist of concepts and ideas to be aware of and see if you find they align with your goals as you explore cannabis and its role in your life.

Top 5 Ways to Achieve Responsible Recreational Marijuana Use

1. Knowing Yourself: Setting Intentions

Whether or not you consider yourself to be a spiritual person, we find that taking a moment to contemplate and crystalize your intentions before using cannabis—or any other psychoactive substance—is a helpful way to get the most out of the experience.

Perhaps it’s something as simple as taking a moment to touch on an issue in your life, whether it’s remembering a commitment to your well-being–like a new exercise regimen–or focusing on a deeper issue like a personal or professional relationship that requires attention.

The point is that having a goal about where you want your focus and attention to go to is a powerful subconscious directive, a way to harness cannabis’ therapeutic potential as you go about your conscious-level activities.

2. Dependence and Limits

This is a good time to point out the importance of limit-setting: Like any other intoxicant, cannabis does present the potential for abuse (about 10% of users develop a dependence). Take the time to recognize your limits; many people who trust in cannabis’ therapeutic potential find that “less is more,” and that the optimal amount required for the benefits they seek is less than they expected. Take breaks from time to time, and pay attention to whether or not cannabis is preventing you from being as active and engaged in the world as you’d like to be.

3. Marijuana and the Rules of the Road

Though many advocates consider cannabis to be objectively safer than other intoxicants—specifically alcohol—it’s best practice not to operate motor vehicles when under the influence. You can help yourself be a responsible user by being clear on local laws and statutes.

4. Be Considerate of Others: Yes, Cannabis Produces Secondhand Smoke

While cannabis is objectively safer than tobacco, many don’t wish to be exposed to cannabis smoke, even if it’s from vapes and not combusted flower. Be respectful of those members of the population—whatever their views or motivations—and keep cannabis smoke away from those who don’t want it.

5. Children and Cannabis Don’t Mix

This respectful distance goes doubly for minors. Except in very limited circumstances—such as treatment for conditions such as epilepsy—minors shouldn’t be exposed to cannabis, both for ethical reasons and medical concerns such as cannabis’ potentially detrimental effect on brain development.

Trust us: We don’t want to kill anyone’s buzz. We believe firmly in cannabis’ potential for good, and we hope you’ll take these simple ideas into consideration as you integrate recreational marijuana use into your life and make the very most of this exceptional plant.

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