High CBD hemp derived topicals: combat the cold weather

Colder weather doesn’t have to mean an increase in aches and pains. Thanks to our new high CBD hemp derived topicals, you don’t have to look any further! This summer the LCB finally approved of hemp derived CBD topical sales at cannabis retailers.


In this blog post we highlight our two new hemp derived topical companies!


The Seattle Hemp Co

Seattle Hemp CO

The Seattle Hemp Company (a local distribution company that started operations in 2019) distributes Pachamama and Arcanum brands. They offer trusted, unique and high quality hemp products to retail partners and consumers. 


Arcanum products

Sarco Tape

Formed by an ex-Denver Bronco player and current Mayor of Glendale, CO. Majority of products are CO2 extracted with the exception of some advanced ethanol extraction products. All products contain single-origin hemp produced in Colorado with a proprietary terpene blend to enhance recovery. Arcanum products are triple lab tested to ensure utmost quality.

List of products Mary Mart carries:

  • Sarco Freeze
    • 50mg CBD massage oil
    • 75mg CBD gel
  • Sarco Skin 40mg CBD (8” x 2” x 10”) kinesiology tape 



Pachamama BroadSpec

Founded by non-profit pioneers in Ohio seeking to combat addiction. Pachamama uses a proprietary, chemical-free heat extraction method containing single strain and single origin hemp that is triple lab tested. This company also won the Purity Award from the Clean Label Project – one of five brands in the WORLD to win this award.

List of products Mary Mart carries:

  • Pain Cream | Sizes [300mg CBD, 500mg CBD and 850mg CBD]

The broad-spectrum hemp extract pain cream works in synergy with menthol, arnica and capsaicin, producing penetrative relief. Specifically for joint pain and/or joint inflammation.

  • Athletic Rub 500mg CBD

Composed of cocoa butter, shea butter, lavender oil and peppermint oil. These aforementioned herbs and oils work in unison with 500mg of full spectrum hemp to remedy sore muscles and tendons.


Final Thoughts

Based on current industry knowledge, we know that cannabinoids, terpenes and other cannabis biochemicals interact with bodies differently, mainly due to differences in biological make-up. Hence, our new high CBD hemp derived topicals may be the right fit for you! Ask any of our budtenders about their experience with these new products. Inquiring about customer product feedback may be another viable option. Lastly, conduct your own research to find what products and cannabis biochemicals work best for you may certainly help! 


Head here if you’d like to conduct further research on these products!


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