How to Come Down From an Intense High

Many marijuana consumers have shared the dreaded experience of realizing that they are too high. Perhaps you toked up a bit too much before work and are starting to panic or consumed an edible that ended up being far more potent than you anticipated. It may be the case that you’re experiencing this now and are in need of some friendly advice on how to come down from a high.

Whatever the case may be, take a deep breath, don’t panic, and read on, friend, as we share some tips for preventing getting too high in the future.

How to Come Down From a High: Managing Paranoia and Anxiety

When you’re too high in public, you often get the feeling that everyone knows you’re stoned out of your mind. You may glance up and catch someone’s eye and wonder how long they’ve been looking at you. Don’t panic! They probably just think you’re cute, just be sure not to stare back.

Concerned about red eyes? Put in some eye drops or rock some sunglasses. What about the smell? Chewing gum can take the weed scent out of your breath while washing your hands and applying a light cologne or perfume will mask the smell of bud on your body.

There aren’t many obvious signs that someone is too high, so don’t overthink it. Having a negative thought can lead to a downward spiral of negative thoughts, so catch yourself early and stop it in its tracks before the anxiety train begins to gain momentum.

Find your Happy Place

Surround yourself with people you love and in a setting that you are comfortable with. Part of knowing how to come down from a high is being able to ride it out. When you’re amongst good friends they’ll understand the situation and be there for you.

If you’re around people you don’t know and just want to get away, feel free to step aside. Go out to your car and listen to your favorite tunes or take a walk, whatever will put you at ease.

At home? Try to relax. Jump into a warm and relaxing shower or snooze off the effects. Listen to an enlightening podcast, lose yourself in a book, or watch a movie. Attempt to look at the high through a positive lens. Even though you may feel overwhelmed, this can be a learning experience.

Know Your Tolerance

Everyone reacts to weed differently. There are some people who can take one hit from a pipe and feel marijuana’s effects, while others may need a few heavy bong rips. If you’re unaware of your tolerance, try microdosing. This involves taking low doses of cannabis and increasing it until you find the dose that works for you.

Finding the right strain is immensely important as well. High CBD strains and indicas are recommended for people who find themselves getting too high on a frequent basis.

We Repeat, Don’t Panic!

Half the battle is overcoming your own thoughts. Don’t allow yourself to panic. Realize that you’re freaking out and turn the high around. If you’re finding it impossible to escape your intense high take solace in knowing that no one has overdosed on marijuana. The stakes are low and the potential for enjoying yourself is high, no pun intended.

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  • Lyle christman
    Is it normal to have impotence when I smoke?
    • Christopher Scrivano
      Normal ? Not for myself at least. Remember-cannibis is a relaxant. So your blood pressure may drop; because the tension in the muscles is lessened-- blood flows easier- and the overall pressure will drop a bit. That Could be what's happening. If it's only when you are high- I'll guess this is it. Try Indica it's more mild- and may effect this issue. This is just an opinion based on my experience. I am just a dude-- not a doctor or medical person.. Get high and stay positive. Negative thoughts may add to the issue happening- due to anxiety. See the "how to come down" advice on this website. Best Wishes. :-) PS---NEVER SMOKE AND DRIVE !! That action could end more badly than you can ever dream.

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