Our Top 6 Cannabis Rituals for Spring to Celebrate the Equinox

The spring equinox is just around the corner (March 19th) and the air already feels lighter! It’s a time of the year that echoes renewal, so it’s a great time to introduce some cannabis rituals for spring.

Consuming cannabis is already its own kind of ritual. We consume it to relax, to heal, to come together as a group, etc. Why not enhance that by creating cannabis rituals for renewal to initiate this spring equinox? 

We’ve put together a list of six cannabis rituals for spring to incorporate into your daily, weekly, or monthly routine. Check out our menu to select the perfect cannabis pairings for these rituals (and don’t forget we have online ordering).


1. Morning Bliss

Journal and pen, cannabis flower, tarot cards, and CBD topical pen laid out on black table for morning bliss ritual

Since the spring equinox is a time of renewal, why not try a new morning routine? 

We call this the morning bliss ritual: pack a bowl or roll a joint of some CBD flower (like Frida by Raven Grass) and enjoy some water, tea, or coffee. Journal for a bit — maybe plant some seeds of intention for the future — or doodle; anything light and creative. 

With this ritual, each day begins with self-care beyond the basics. Showing yourself this extra bit of love in the morning will bring more positivity and balance to your day. On top of that, you’ll have the needed energy to tackle the day’s stress!


2. Evening Wind-Down

Cannabis flower in jar, journal, blunt, cannabis oil, and edibles on dark brown wood shelf to show evening wind-down

Similar to how the morning bliss ritual helps you ease into the day, the evening wind-down ritual helps you slip into a relaxing night’s sleep. 

Journal about your day to unburden your mind and plan your next day to feel at ease. Maybe stretch a bit and/or meditate. And, finally, curl up with a smooth indica and a lighthearted movie or a good book. 

The evening wind-down is also a great time for an edible (like some FECO by Fairwinds or some Wave Edibles chocolate). Herbal tea and reishi mushroom are additional excellent evening companions.


3. Nature Walk

Man with colorful sweater on nature walk and eating edible with blue sky background and tall grass

Now that the days are lengthening, there’s finally time to enjoy the day after work! And the best way to do that is with a nature walk ritual.

Bring along a sativa vape or an edible — such as Mr. Moxey’s mints or Green Revolution’s Doozies (remember to properly dispose of any waste) — and take in the blooming cherry blossoms. 

If you’re into doing yoga, bring along your mat for a peaceful flow in the grass. As the air warms slightly but surely, you can better enjoy your time surrounded by nature. 


4. Cannabath

Soap, eucalyptus, towels, massage brush, salt, aroma oil and other spa objects on green background. Top view.

As a symbol of renewal and purification, baths really bring in the feeling of spring. 

This spring equinox, try out a cannabis bath — or cannabath — ritual. Pick up some infused bath salts and/or bubble bath (like Honu’s hibiscus bath fizz and/or bath bomb) and roll up a bath blunt. Soak in the suds while you listen to your favorite music or a good podcast, or even read a book. Afterwards, you’ll feel refreshed, relaxed, and brand new.


5. Give Your Home a “Bath” (a.k.a. Spring Cleaning)

Empty wall mock up with chair, shelf with books and plant in vase in clean white living room interior. Suggesting spring cleaning.

Speaking of refreshed and renewed, the spring ritual of giving your home a “bath” (better known as spring cleaning) takes the feeling to another level. 

Nothing is quite as satisfying as feeling clean in a clean home. Spring cleaning is a traditional ritual and for good reason. Springtime brings a lighter atmosphere, and so does cleaning your home and clearing out old stuff. 

For this cannabis ritual for spring, take care to go through any old or lingering cannabis products and toss what’s expired. Clean up your cannabis area and thoroughly clean any bongs and/or pipes (and please, if you don’t already, make sure to clean them regularly!).


6. Celebrate With Friends

Young people dining and having fun drinking red wine together on balcony rooftop dinner party. Suggesting cannabis infused meal with friends.

More time in the day means more time for social activity. Plus, more sunlight makes people happier! 

Celebrate the light coming back with a virtual cannabis smoking ritual with friends (just because we have to stay at home during this pandemic doesn’t mean we can’t “hang” with friends!). You could even try your hand at making an infused meal! 



However you decide to celebrate the spring equinox, our deals will help you make the most of it. Don’t forget to enjoy your cannabis rituals for spring responsibly and stay safe and sanitary during this time! 


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