What to Look for When Buying a Cannabis Pipe

For beginning smokers, it can be difficult to navigate the vast maze of available options for smoking marijuana. We’ve got a myriad of pipes and bongs to choose from (and each is suited to different needs).

If you’re a beginning smoker — a novice — or simply prefer not to get too high, you probably want to start with something smaller and unassuming. (You probably don’t want to jump head-first into equipment better suited for more experienced users — like a big glass bong.) Also, keep in mind, the right material is an important consideration to make, as materials like glass, plastic or even wood can have drastically different cleaning methods associated with them, or be more effective at delivering the smoke.

What to Look for When Buying a Cannabis Pipe

Hand Pipes

The hand pipe is the quintessential pipe for beginners. Hand pipes, like the name implies, fit in the palm of your hand and are ideal for casual smokers who perhaps like to indulge themselves once a day before bed or less. You can find good quality hand pipes right here at Mary Mart or online if such a place is unavailable in your area. These pieces mostly come in glass, although there are probably some plastic or metal variations available from certain online retailers. Be careful though, as smaller glass hand-pipes can be exceptionally difficult to clean, and you’ll have to rinse it regularly with acetone if you want to keep your pipe looking pristine inside and out.

Glass pipes also break easily, so be careful not to drop it. When choosing your pipe, make sure the holes are the right size. If they are too small, the airflow of the pipe could be sub par, and the difficulty of cleaning could increase substantially. Whereas if they’re too large, you would need to apply a “stopper” to the bowl to prevent your weed from falling in. Finally, make sure the glass is the right quality, as thicker glass is going to be a lot sturdier and could save you the headache of having to replace your pipe.

Water Pipes

If you are an experienced cannabis user looking for an upgrade from your old hand pipe, you’re going to want to look into buying a water pipe, commonly referred to as a bong. Water pipes have a percolation chamber which bubbles and converts the smoke into water vapor and lessens the harshness of your hit, making your experience much smoother and cleaner. These pipes come in all different shapes and sizes and can range from a few dollars to a few thousand dollars depending on the quality and potential for custom artistry.

It should be easy to find one that suits your needs though, and unless you’re splurging on a large, handmade piece with all the trimmings, you won’t be paying more than 20 bucks. These are more likely to come in plastic or metal, although glass is still your best bet for getting the best hit possible. Smoke shops often have a large selection of water pipes, but you can find the best deals online.

One-Hitters and Beyond

For the ultra-casual or on-the-go smoker, you might want to consider looking into alternatives to pipes and bongs. So-called “one-hitters” are available, which are small metal casings which you pack with bud and smoke like a cigarette. These can be useful in situations where you want to be at least mildly low-key about your cannabis usage.

If you are a distinguished gentleman, you might also look into purchasing an old-fashioned gentleman’s pipe, which can work just as well as a regular hand pipe depending on its make and model. Wood pipes can also lend a distinct flavor and texture to the hit that other pipes would otherwise not have, and can make for an excellent way to add variety to your smoking routine.

So there you have it! We hope we have helped narrow down your decision by helping you know what to look for when buying a cannabis pipe. Just stop in to Mary Mart as we’d love to show you our latest cannabis pipes and accessories.

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  • Thanks for sharing some helpful hints on buying a cannabis pipe, Keep up the great writing.
    • Misha Jones
      High Country Healing, Thank you for reading and the positive feedback. Have a wonderful day!
  • Hi Misha! Great post and thank you from Big Daddy Smoke :) Personally, my favorite type of pipe is the bubbler pipe. I just love that bubbling sound lol. What is your favorite type of (tobacco) smoking device?
    • Misha Jones
      Howdy! Bubblers are always fun :) I'd say water pipes are my fave. I enjoy the smooth and big hits they provide. Thank you for reading and responding! Have a great day!
  • Nice Blog!! The content you have shared is very elaborative and informative. Thanks a lot for sharing such a great piece of knowledge with us.
  • Sarah
    As someone who prefers a traditional pipe option rather than a vape or oil, the issue of portability has always been tough. I saw you mentioned how easily a glass pipe can break, which means it's virtually impossible to take out with you and not risk ruining and making a mess. I've lost way too many of my favorite pieces from fumbling around and dropping them just to have them shatter. I was bummed the last time it happened since it was a gift that bit the dust. I started searching for something more durable that still had the smooth pull of a glass pipe and found the Pyptek pocket pipe. This thing is awesome for anyone who likes a pipe, but wants something portable! https://shop.medicalmarijuanainc.com/pyptek
  • I appreciate that you explained how important it is to choose ones that have holes with the correct size. My brother is trying to get a good pipe since he moved to Colorado last month. I'll have to show him this so he knows what to look for when buying a pipe.

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