Best Places to Store Weed To Keep Stash Safe from Kids

The roles have reversed.  As a kid, you may have had the problem of hiding weed from your parents, but now as an adult, you’re trying to outsmart your adorable bundle of joy (or terror). Whether you’re afraid that your 3-year-old will mistake that marijuana infused brownie for, well, a brownie, or that your teenager will discover that you toke, these tips should help you avoid these situations. Kids are curious creatures, if you think that your stash is safe because you put it in your underwear drawer, you are sadly mistaken.

5 Best Places to Store Weed

Invest in a Safe

Investing in a safe is the most surefire way to ensure that your kiddo won’t stumble upon your stash. While it may be a slight hassle to have to unlock the thing every time you want to indulge with cannabis, you can sleep easy knowing that your weed is safe.

Diversion Cans

Diversion cans look like everyday items but are treasure chests that contain bud. If you Google diversion cans you’ll find anything from deodorant sticks to hair brushes that have a false canister where you can store weed. The potential issue we see with this method is that some of the objects, like pop cans, are attractive to kids.

Hard to Reach Places

The heading says it all. Putting your stash in a place that your little one can’t reach is simple, effective, and free. This method only works for younger children as older kids will likely grow taller and discover the joys of climbing.

Faux Book

Ah, the age-old trick of hiding things in books. Hollowed out books can fit snugly on a bookshelf among your favorite hardcover and paperbacks. Assuming your child isn’t an avid reader, you get the added protection of children’s natural aversion to reading.

The Great Outdoors

Assuming you live in a suburban or rural area, storing your stash outside of the house is a great option. If scent was previously an issue, it is far more likely to be masked when your marijuana is outdoors. There are likely many nooks and crannies around the outside of your house that would serve as a sufficient stash spot.

Edible Etiquette

Edibles can be easily mistaken for snacks by your kids. If you want to eliminate all possibility of your child accidentally getting high, then simply avoid buying edibles. Children are much more likely to figure out how to consume an edible then light up loose leaf, so even if your stash is discovered, minimal damage will be done. If edibles are your preferred consumption method, follow the pot storage container tips above.

The Talk

Having a frank discussion with your child about marijuana isn’t a bad idea. If your child has reached an age where you are comfortable telling them that you smoke cannabis or you simply want to educate them, you should go for it. Tell them about the dangers, why you do it, and the legality. While this talk may seem scary, it’s better to learn about pot from a trustworthy source than from their friends or the internet.

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