2019 Cannabis Holiday Gift Guide

Gift-giving during the holidays can be tricky. All the different people you’re buying presents for have different tastes and preferences, but you want to make sure they each get something they love. Plus, with this time of year being so busy, sometimes holiday gifts are left to the last minute.

That’s why we’ve put together a 2019 cannabis holiday gift guide to help you pick the best gifts for the cannabis lover(s) in your life without having to sift through tons of products. From flower to glass, and everything in between, you can tailor each gift uniquely to each individual. And luckily, you won’t run out of gift choices at Mary Mart!


Joint Packs

Raven Grass joint packsjars of elphinstone and big sur hippie weed joints by Kiona

One of the best and easiest go-to cannabis holiday gifts are joint packs. They’re compact, practical, and wonderful! Joint packs make the perfect gift for your friend who loves to smoke but doesn’t like rolling their own joints. 

In particular, check out the 3-pack 0.6g joints by Raven Grass, and 8-pack 0.5g joints from Kiona. Both are artisan cannabis brands focusing on the quality of their flower. Both pay immense respect to the growing process, honoring and perfecting their growing processes and decisions. Raven Grass does their best at shaping the norms of cannabis terminology, highlighting that each strain has different effects depending on the inherent terpenes and cannabinoid count. Kiona prides themselves on rare and heirloom genetics.

Both are perfect artisan crafted joints that are perfect for your friends/family members who love smokin’ joints!



packages of Swifts cookies & cream and dark chocolate trufflesGreen Baker box of soft cinnamon snickerdoodle cookies

Journeyman watermelon sour jelliesMr. Moxey's holiday themed mints

A great gift for a wide variety of cannabis lovers, it’s hard to go wrong with edibles! Candies and chocolates make great stocking stuffers and additions to gift ensembles. On top of that, there’s so many different types of edibles suited for everyone’s varying tastes — whether they like sweet treats, drinks, or something else.

In addition to the top edibles for the holidays, these are a few you may want to consider as holiday gifts: Swifts truffles, Journeyman jellies, Green Baker packs of cookies, and Mr. Moxey’s Holiday Mints. The aforementioned items are some of our best selling edibles! 



Honu hibiscus bath bomb and bath fizzjar of Ceres relax indica body balm

Topicals are the perfect gift for your friend or loved one who needs to relax and indulge in some self-care. Plus, it’s a perfect holiday gift for cannabis tokers and non-tokers alike. 

Aside from muscle creams and gels, we have plenty of bath products that make fitting holiday gifts like the hibiscus bath bomb and/or bath fizz by Honu. For extra relaxation, check out Ceres’ Relax lotion.

Topicals are one of the best ways to experience the benefits of cannabis! Bath balms make for immediate relaxation and creams for their immediate anti-inflammatory properties. 


Glass and Other Accessories

Bongs, pipes, and dab rigs make great holiday gifts for your cannabis-loving friends and family. Make sure you check out our collection in store. Bonus tip: you can pre-pack pipe and bong bowls before you wrap them!

On top of all the glass, we’ve got plenty of novelty rolling trays, grinders, pre-rolled joint cones and blunts, and so much more!



Of course, you can always keep it simple and gift some flower. With so many vendors to choose from, there’s no shortage of options. To narrow it down, just talk to your budtender or check out this list of the top strains for the winter.

Plus, while supplies last, we’re carrying ounces starting at $16! 


For more gift ideas, make sure to check out our menu. And don’t forget to make use of our daily deals

Also don’t forget: the holidays tend to be a time when we create a lot of waste. Try being more sustainable this year by doing things like wrapping presents in fabric or newspaper instead of wrapping paper. For more tips on how to stay sustainable during the holidays, check out our blog on reducing your waste.

At Mary Mart, you can find all the best cannabis holiday gifts for your friends, family, and even yourself. Stop in today for all your holiday needs!

Happy Holidaze from all of us at Mary Mart!


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