Top 6 Best Cannabis Edibles for the Holidays

The holidays — or holidaze — are finally here! It’s a time for family and friends, cozying up, and eating a lot of good food. The holidays are the perfect time to indulge in the best cannabis edibles and maybe try something you’ve never tried before. 

From tinctures to sweet treats, and everything in between, there’s an edible out there for every cannabis user. We’ve put together a list of the top six best cannabis edibles for the holidays, and included a little of something for everyone’s tastes.

In addition to our top five uplifting strains for the winter, check out these six edibles you may want to give a try:


Digestify by Fairwinds Cannabis

package of Fairwinds' digestify tincture with black background

Unlike anything else on the i502 market, Fairwinds’ Digestify tincture is a wonderful aid in digestive health. This avocado oil-based tincture is high in CBD and THCA (i.e., no intoxicating effects), and full of the highest grade essential oils that have been scientifically proven to be beneficial. 

Whether you ate too much or ate something that doesn’t sit quite right, whatever the reason, Digestify will soothe any bellyache, bloating, or nausea. It’s perfect for all your holiday feasts!


Infused Sparkling Water by Utopia

bottle of watermelon kiwi Utopia infused sparkling water with black background

What else could pair as well with your holiday gatherings? Cocktails, of course! Why not try out something different this year and make an infused cocktail using an Infused Sparkling Water by Utopia in place of tonic water or soda? 

They come in bottles of either 30mg or 100mg THC. Plus, we carry five different flavors (cherry, lime, watermelon kiwi, tangerine, grapefruit) that will compliment almost any drink.


CBD 40:1 Juicy Peach Doozies by Green Revolution

package of CBD juicy peach Doozies by Green Revolution with black background

High in CBD and flavor, these Juicy Peach Doozies produced by Green Revolution are a tasty mood-boosting treat. Their high-CBD potency will chill you out during stressful holiday moments, making them one of the best cannabis edibles for the holidays. Plus, they taste amazing! 

They make for a great treat for you, and they’re great as a stocking stuffer for your loved ones who love cannabis.


Monster Mint Cookie Chocolates by Wave Edibles

box of monster mint cookie chocolates by Wave Edibles with black background

A new company and product on the market, these Monster Mint Cookie Chocolates by Wave Edibles are a perfect holiday treat! With a smooth combo of mint and chocolate, these are sure to perk up any holiday gathering or just a quiet night at home.

Every holiday pairs well with mint chocolate and cookies, so don’t miss out on these edibles for the holidays!


Plain Sugar by Hot Sugar (Phat Panda)

bag of plain sugar packets by Hot Sugar with black background

One of the cornerstones of the holidays is making and/or eating baked goods. Why not mix it up this year by using some Plain Sugar?

The Plain Sugar by Hot Sugar, a Phat Panda company, is anything but plain! This infused sugar is perfect for holiday baking or even just as a sweetener for your tea or coffee. With all its versatility, it proves to be another one of the best cannabis edibles for the holidays.


Infused Apple Cider by Happy Apple

bottle of Happy Apple apple cider with black background

A quintessential drink for the holidays, try out an apple cider with a kick this year from Happy Apple. Enjoy it on its own or mix it with some rum or whiskey. Either way, you’ll love it!

Made with Washington apples and absolutely delicious, this Infused Apple Cider is definitely one not to miss for your holidays!


All of these edibles for the holidays (and more!) are readily available on our menu. You can make an order online for store pick-up, or just come on in and chat with your budtender to find your perfect edible!

As always, take care and be safe when ingesting edibles and enjoying the holidays. 

Happy holidaze from all of us at Mary Mart!


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