4 Cannabis-Friendly Quarantine Activities to Beat the Boredom

Wondering how to simultaneously use your time wisely and enjoy it during quarantine? Yes, great job for taking those three walks today! But walks are not at all the limit of activity during these times. Activity comes in all different shapes and sizes! 

That said, we will be covering 4 different categories of cannabis-friendly quarantine activities to beat the boredom.


Cook with Cannabis

cooking is a great cannabis-friendly quarantine activity

Cooking and baking is not for everyone…or is it? Everyone needs to eat. Plus, you may be cooking more now that you’re home more. So, it’s a great time to learn more about how to prepare meals, especially infused ones. 

Simply adding a tincture to your coffee or tea in the morning or a dash of infused sugar — which we sell at Mary Mart — in some caramelized apples for pancakes is a fun and easy start! Incorporating pre-infused products, like sugar or tinctures, is the easiest way to infuse your everyday meals. 

On the other hand, if you’re a DIYer, it’s essential to know how to decarboxylate your flower in order to fully activate the THC and CBD. Once you’ve infused your decarbed flower in butter or oil, you can elevate any dish; pancakes, waffles, pad thai, curry, and so much more! 

If you are using kief and not infusing with a lipid, you can decarb it and add directly to food (like frosting; sprinkle on some soup; or add to a cocktail).

A great way to get the culinary creative juices flowing is to watch Netflix’s new series, Cooked with Cannabis. Not only is this show inspiring, but it also features a product from Gemstone — a new Mary Mart vendor!

Of course if you want to enjoy your cannabis-friendly quarantine with edibles but don’t have it in you to make your own, there’s plenty of chocolates, cookies, drinks, and more in the shop!


Hit the Books

hitting the books for a cannabis-friendly quarantine activity

Another great cannabis-friendly quarantine activity is getting stoned and nerding out. 

We’ve all felt like great philosophers at one point or another after a few hits. Why not capitalize on that feeling and take time to read up on spirituality, psychology, astrology, etc., or cannabis science; read some ebooks; really anything you’ve wanted to read or learn about.

You can even enjoy one of your infused meals while you learn new stuff!


Get Creative

Smoking a blunt and playing ukulele

It’s time to try all those artsy things you thought you never could/were too embarrassed to try because there’s no one to see you! After all, we’re all creators of our own, respective lives, so that makes us all creative, right? 

Think back to when you were a kid. It was so easy finding creative stuff to do! Taking inspiration from that, here are a few creative cannabis-friendly quarantine activities:

  • Build a fort and hotbox it;
  • Color these cannabis coloring sheets;
  • Have fun with this self-quarantined adult activity book;
  • Learn a new dance or make one up;
  • Start a band, either solo or virtually with friends, using whatever you find in your home as instruments.

Ok, that last one is a bit out there, but the point is to get creative!

For some more grown-up creativity, YouTube is a great tool to use to learn a new crafty skill; like how to roll a tulip joint or how to use feng shui to rearrange your home


Focus on Self-Care

self-care is the perfect cannabis-friendly quarantine activity

Self-care is extremely important, especially during these quarantine times! Although a lot of us just think of holistic health when we hear “self-care,” it can actually be fun and is a perfect cannabis-friendly quarantine activity.

Here’s what you can do to focus on your self-care:

  • Take a cannabis-infused bubble bath;
  • Have a movie or TV show marathon complete with cannabuttery popcorn;
  • Put on a face mask and have a facial while you smoke a blunt;
  • Light stretching/yoga (to calm the nervous system);
  • Journaling or doodling (to clear your mind).

Remember to focus on you first during these times (and all times) because when we take care of ourselves first, we can handle almost anything!



Check out our menu for all of your needed materials to fuel your cannabis-friendly quarantine activities! And if you’re looking for more info on cannabis and the pandemic, check out our latest post.

Happy quarantining! 


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