Cannabis and Lung Health: What You Should Know Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

There’s no doubt that we’re living in unprecedented times. Many businesses are still closed. Staying at home and social distancing have become the norm. But we are extremely fortunate that in our state and others, the cannabis industry is considered essential. This is great news, considering how many people the industry employs

That being said, it’s important to assess the safety of cannabis and lung health during the coronavirus pandemic since COVID-19 is largely known to affect the lungs.


Cannabis’ Effect on Lung Health

stethoscope and green lungs indicating cannabis and lung health

Although cannabis smoke may not have as detrimental effects as cigarette smoke, any kind of smoke in the lungs is an irritant that can cause inflammation. Regular cannabis smokers can develop a regular cough or bronchitis, depending on how heavy the use is. 

But what about the possibility of CBD being antiviral? Though that might be the case, cannabis has not been tested against coronavirus. What we do know is CBD is anti-inflammatory and antioxidant and in that way may aid in fighting infections. 


Is It Safe to Use Cannabis During the Pandemic?

is cannabis safe to smoke during the pandemic

Bottom line, there isn’t enough information to know the implications of cannabis and lung health in tandem with COVID-19

As long as you feel healthy, there might not be a need to curb smoking or vaping. Plus, cannabis can be a great tool to use during this time to aid in stress relief. But it may be worth it during this time to look into other methods of cannabis consumption besides inhalation. For example, incorporating more tinctures, infused drinks, edibles, or even tablets (remember to start low and go slow).

If you’re choosing vaping over smoking, consider vaping flower (at the lowest temperature possible) instead of using a cartridge. Another method to consider during this time is Fairwinds’ inhaler.

Certainly, if you feel any symptoms, it’s best to stop smoking or vaping and consult a doctor.


What Other Natural Methods Can You Use to Boost Your Immunity During This Time?

image depicting natural herbs and tinctures to support cannabis and lung health

In general, most diseases have a common thread: inflammation. So, by lowering inflammation you’re helping your body to fight infections/illnesses. In addition to cannabis, sleeping is an excellent and easy way to do just that.

Aside from regular, restorative sleep and exercise, it’s important to make sure you’re getting enough vitamins and minerals. Vitamin D especially helps to modulate adaptive immune responses.

This may also be an opportunistic time to look into other herbs that can aid in your holistic health. Medicinal mushrooms are worth taking a look at; especially cordyceps as it’s particularly good for lung health.



Cannabis and lung health are important to take seriously amid the coronavirus pandemic. Because cannabis can aid in decreasing inflammation and overall health and wellness, it’s worth it to consider switching to or incorporating more ingesting of cannabis instead of inhalation. 

For all your cannabis needs, ingestible and otherwise, check out our menu. Be sure to take care during this time and continue to monitor how you feel. 

From all of us at Mary Mart, stay safe and sanitary!


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