How to Celebrate 4/20 at Home During Quarantine

We may all be stuck inside, but that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate 4/20 at home! You can have a virtual 4/20 celebration with friends and loved ones. Or you can have a solo party!

For any of your 4/20 celebration needs, you can count on us. Every week this entire month has hosted different deals and we’re still going! After all, the whole month arguably is 4/20. 

In this post, we’ll talk about novelty products to try for your 4/20 celebration at home, and some of the best ways to celebrate while in quarantine. But first, we’ll delve a little into the history of 4/20, since we’ve all got time on our hands for a story.


A Trip Down 4/20 Memory Lane

beginning of 420 culture in California

It all started in the early ‘70s with some San Rafael High School friends known as the Waldos and a cannabis treasure map. Everyday after sports practice at 4:20 p.m., they would meet outside the school and toke up before going on the search for an allegedly abandoned plot of cannabis plants in the Point Reyes forest.

Of course, this plot never existed. But eventually, 420 became their code for smoking.


How Did it Spread to the World?

Thanks to the Waldos’ affiliation with The Grateful Dead (one of the Waldos’ brothers managed a Dead sideband), they had access to hanging out/smoking with them. This was where the term first started to spread before spreading among Deadheads (fans of the band).

Fast forward to the early ‘90s: Steven Bloom, a reporter for High Times, caught wind of the term at a Dead concert. Although the story wasn’t completely correct, he published the story of 420 in the magazine and it then spread to the world.

In tandem with the story of the Waldos, Dr. Lester Grinspoon, a Harvard Medical School professor, decided in the late ‘60s to look into cannabis to find evidence for its supposed dangers. Why did he do this? Because his good friend Carl Sagan partook which sparked the doctor’s curiosity. 

Instead of finding evidence to back up alleged dangers of cannabis, Dr. Grinspoon found the opposite. He published his findings in Marihuana Reconsidered in 1971. That book ultimately contributed to society’s growing acceptance of cannabis, paralleling the blooming of 420 culture.


Novelty 4/20 Products to Try

We’ve come so far from the beginning of 420 and stoner culture. From flower to edibles to concentrate, topicals, and more, it’s amazing what lengths people have taken this humble plant!

What better time than a 4/20 celebration at home to try out a brand new product you wouldn’t usually buy? 


about to enjoy a HiLite soda to celebrate 4/20 at home


If you’ve never tried an infused drink before, just know these can be heavy-hitting and are absolutely amazing when you have to celebrate 4/20 at home. 

Check out beverages like Wild Side from Green Revolution or Evergreen Herbal’s HiLite sodas. 

Looking for the feel of an edible without consuming sugar or anything heavy? Maybe you’ll like Rochester Farm’s Elegant Solution tablets. These tiny tablets are vegan and easy to consume.


Other Stuff

Besides 10g pre-rolls and stuff like infused bath salts, there’s something else that you most likely haven’t tried yet and it’s new even to us! We’re talking about Fairwinds’ newest product — an inhaler.

This is a truly unique product that will elevate your at-home 4/20 celebration and every day after that.


Ways to Celebrate 4/20 at Home

lighting a joint to celebrate 4/20 at home

There’s plenty we can still do to enjoy celebrating 4/20 at home this year! Here are some examples to get you started:

  • Take an infused bubble bath (aka cannabath), and maybe hotbox the bathroom while you do.
  • Try rolling a cross joint.
  • Bake some edibles.
  • Make an infused cocktail (using a drink like the ones mentioned above).
  • Video chat with friends at 4:20 p.m. to light one up together.
  • Watch classic stoner movies like Half Baked.
  • Get stoned and nerd out on cannabis science.

However you celebrate 4/20 at home this year, make sure you check out our menu to make the best of the holiday deals. 



Have a safe and happy 4/20 from all of us at Mary Mart!


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