A Brief on The CBD Beverage

It is common for people to assume that the use of CBD is relatively new. In fact, the use of CBD from hemp and psychoactive cannabis plants was used in many different ancient civilizations. Used both for medicinal and ceremonial purposes, these CBD beverages were most likely used by many in the population.

Early History

Researcher Roger Adams is credited with the formal discovery of cannabidiol in 1940. This discovery of CBD and CBN, which occurred at about the same time, also led to the identification of THC.

While early researchers saw the immediate benefit of the use of CBD and THC in the treatment of many conditions, there was also the psychoactive component of THC that caused the banning of all hemp and cannabis substances in the USA and other countries. In the USA, the Marihuana Tax Act of 1937 made all cannabis-related products, including hemp, illegal.

Hemp was grown and used in the US for centuries prior to the Marihuana Tax Act of 1937.  At the turn of the 20th century US manufacturers rediscovered the efficiency and quality of hemp; leading to hemp being included in the 2014 Farm Bill as a pilot project, then becoming federally legal in 2018. However, Washington had already legalized cannabis in 2012, putting us ahead of the curve.

Many large, non-i502 companies, that produce CBD drinks with CBD derived from hemp, are becoming widely distributed and adopted. Propaganda, the main barrier of entry to mass adoption, is slowly being recognized, addressed, and replaced with scientific information.

CBD Beverages at Mary Mart

Since the medical days, many cannabis consumers and producers conducted their own research. Leading to understanding how effective CBD is when consumed as a liquid, mainly the fast-acting component. CBD beverages are very popular at Mary Mart for a variety of reasons, mainly to ease anxiety, and stress, aid in a healthy diet, and/or aid in managing pain and illness. We offer a variety of flavors, types, and ratios, from lemonade, fruit-flavored beverages, and sparkling flavored beverages to Root Beer and other soda varieties.

In Washington, CBD-only (hemp-derived CBD) beverages are legally sold at regular shops, grocery stores, and gas stations. However, Washington laws prohibit the sale of CBD-only beverages in i502 cannabis shops. That said, Mary Mart only offers i502 compliant and approved CBD beverages that contain at least .3mg of THC (cannabis-derived CBD) to comply with legal requirements.

For more information on CBD beverages at Mary Mart, contact us today.


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