Conducting a successful contactless payment at Mary Mart

Contactless payments are here, thanks to Aeropay! Aeropay provides users security and ease for setting up and using contactless payments. This post will go through the simple steps on how to conduct a successful contactless payment at Mary Mart and what to expect when paying using Aeropay at the POS.

How to set-up your Aeropay Account

It’s a very simple process:

  • Go to Aeropay’s account sign-up page here
  • Provide your email and create a password to create your account
  • Once you’ve successfully created you account you will be prompted to link your bank account

You’re all set to pay with Aeropay at the POS once you’ve successfully created an account and linked your bank account! Now we’ll peer into how to conduct a successful transaction at the POS.

What to expect at the POS

Before you can pay with Aeropay (and in general) you’ll need to ensure the following:

  • All chosen products have been rung up by your bud-tender
  • Your bud-tender successfully links your rewards account (if applicable) to the purchase
  • All relevant discounts have been applied

You will, lastly, need to request to pay with Aeropay. Aeropay payments are charged a $2 convenience fee, the cheapest fee in the shop (the ATM machines have a $3 fee and the mini ATMs have a $2.50 fee).

How to pay with Aeropay

Will will now run quickly through the last part of the transaction, conducted on your phone!

  • The POS will generate a unique QR code for you to scan to pay with Aeropay
  • You will scan the QR code with your phone camera
  • Your phone will route you to your preferred browser that will open up the login page for Aeropay
  • The total for the payment will automatically pop-up on your account
  • You will then tap “confirm payment”
  • A green circle, a checkmark and the verbiage “complete” will pop-up on your screen. This is the confirmation page, letting you know that the transaction was successfully processed

Show your bud-tender the confirmation page on your phone to complete the transaction. The bud-tender will then provide your goods and your receipt for you to enjoy!


Head here for additional assistance on how to set-up your Aeropay account!

Furthermore, if you have any issues setting up your account or have any questions, please email!


Aeropay account set up graphic


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