Mary Mart’s Interview with Cannabis Advocate & Pierce County Councilor, Derek Young

Here at MaryMart, we like to keep in touch with cannabis advocates from around the country. That’s why we brought in Derek Young, Pierce County Councilor for District 7 and a life-long cannabis crusader, to talk about some of the specific issues affecting the Washington marijuana industry and how MaryMart can effectively use its platform as a leading Tacoma dispensary.

As the representative of Pierce County’s District 7, which covers North and West Tacoma as well as Gig Harbor, Derek understands how important recreational legalization is for Pierce County and Washington state at large. Once a member of Gig Harbor City Council for 16 years, Derek was elected in 2015 to the Pierce County Council where he works to safeguard the state’s legalization initiatives. This year, he’s up for re-election in the August 7th primary.

Derek has been a cannabis advocate for years, even going back to his high school days. Recently, he told us, a friend found an article he wrote about cannabis for his high school newspaper back in the 90s. It doesn’t get more authentic than Derek as far as OG cannabis advocacy goes.

As a specialist in the i502 (the initiative responsible for legalizing recreational marijuana in Washington), we asked Derek where he sees the future of cannabis headed in the state.

“Smarter and more relevant rules,” he said. As of right now, there are many restrictions in place that don’t suit the i502 business climate. These restrictions should be relaxed to ease the burden on cannabis companies and open up the market more. Specifically, the current distribution of i502 licenses is tilted towards players in the space who know how to maneuver the complicated procedures involved. Easing regulations will create a more conducive atmosphere in the state for business, which means more revenue.

Derek also believes that the revenue from cannabis businesses in the state should be directed towards local government institutions instead of being swept up by the feds, as it is now. When tax revenue becomes federal money, often it can be like pouring a bucket of water into an ocean. The revenue earned by Washington cannabis companies should go to Washington, where it can be most effective and where it makes the most sense to send it.

We wanted to know, how can a Tacoma dispensary like Mary Mart utilize its platform in the most potent way? “Use your constituency,” Derek told us. “Turn them into advocates through continual education and engagement. Work towards obliterating the negative stigma towards cannabis.”

With organized support, big changes can be possible. However, dispensaries and other cannabis companies have to do their part in working towards this goal. Many businesses in the i502 industry can do better in sprucing up their marketing. We need “less unprofessional and unsophisticated advertising,” he declared.

But Mary Mart gets the Derek Young seal of approval, of course. “Mary Mart is doing a great job and is a great example of how the i502 should operate and advertise.”

Thanks, Derek, we agree! Mary Mart wishes you luck in the District 7 primary on August 7th- you have our full endorsement. 

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