Showcasing Tacoma Talent in Mary Mart’s Got Talent Event

Mary Mart loves to celebrate the Tacoma creative community, especially since so many creatives are our loyal customers. To show how much we appreciate this vibrant, genius city, we started Mary Mart’s Got Talent!

Mary Mart’s Got Talent is a showcase at the Mart of local talent ranging from live musicians, comedians, slam poets and rappers, short storytellers and performing arts. We held our first show in March and the second show in June; that said, we plan to hold the talent show every other month. The next show will be in August! All interested parties, please send over an email to Misha,, with samples of your work to apply for a spot on August’s show!

Here are some performance highlights from our show in March.

Terrance Pennington – Our Host

Mary Mart Got Talent P2

Contact Email:
Terrance is our designated host for Mary Mart’s Got Talent! Hailing from Birmingham, Alabama, he set out to the West Coast to grow his comedy dream. He is now one of our top bud-tenders at Mary Mart and a local comedy celebrity of the greater Tacoma community! FYI, he is booked until December! (the “booked until December” part started as a joking statement at the shop!)


Mary Mart's Got Talent - Cango

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Cango is a local rapper hailing from Tacoma who brought the fire to Mary Mart’s Got Talent. With rhymes that sick, Cango might need a medicinal solution to patch himself up!

Jill Silva

Mary Mart's Got Talent - Jill Silva

Mary Mart was busting a gut in March courtesy of the wonderful Jill Silva, a comedian who works the Washington comedy circuit frequently. What is it with stoners and being good at comedy? Oh wait, we think we know the answer.

RicemanMary Mart's Got Talent - Riceman

Riceman is a popular, longstanding, local comedian. He is a strong affiliate of the Tacoma Comedy Club, drives for Uber on his off time and is an all-around genuine dude!

Shakim Leckie

Mary Mart's Got Talent - Shakim

Shakim is a slam poet-combination-rapper who dazzles audiences with his verbal wit and creativity. His performance at Mary Mart’s Got Talent was no exception, and we hope Shakim returns to share his talent with us again!

Colin Reynolds

Mary Mart's Got Talent - Colin

Colin Scott Reynolds is a powerhouse of an artist! Singing and playing his guitar with an abundance of soul that will fill up a room and lack thereof! Colin, thank you for gracing Mary Mart with your talent and we hope to have you on our August show!

Adam Luckey

Mary Mart's Got Talent - Adam Luckey

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Hailing from the world of Tacoma standup, Adam is a frequent presence on comedy club stages around the city and beyond. Mary Mart sees big things for Adam’s future career, given his signature understated style.

David Grixoni

Mary Mart's Got Talent - David

David is a local artist who basks in the joys of singing and playing guitar. He has been a guitarist, bassist, and songwriter for the past 50 years. He is retired and a local Tacoma community member who currently plays bass in 2 bands – Swamp Soul and Melanie and her Blues Swayed Dudes. David, it was a pleasure listening to you sing and play some original work you’ve written!

Lauren Napier

Mary Mart's Got Talent - Lauren

Lauren, also known by her stage name Punk Rock Doll, brings passion to every performance that could clearly be glimpsed at Mary Mart’s Got Talent. In the home-state of grunge, artists like Lauren are very special in continuing a great musical tradition that all Tacomans and Washingtonians should celebrate.

T-Town Tim

Mary Mart's Got Talent - TTownTim

T’Town Tim is a unique blend of comedy and music who serenades audiences with quirky tunes that do the “T” in “T’Town” justice. We can only assume it stands for Tacoma, and Tacoma is proud to have amazing talent like Tim to call its own.

Want to check out all of Mary Mart’s upcoming events? You can visit our website’s event page, and if you’re in the mood for unadulterated joy, you can click here to check out our online cannabis menu.

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