What Are the Benefits of Using Cannabis Topicals?

It seems like marijuana is showing up in more and more products these days. Different companies are figuring out new and exciting forms in which to market cannabis—and not all of them involve smoking. Recently, there has been a trend in the development of “cannabis topicals,” including lotions, shampoos, lip balms, soaps, and cleansing oils, all of which are interesting alternatives to generic products. Here are a few reasons why you should consider incorporating cannabis-infused topicals into your lifestyle.

Pain Relief

Many marijuana topicals are great for relieving pain, swollen muscles, and soreness. While topicals aren’t psychoactive, terpenes in cannabis can be absorbed through the skin to create a euphoria that lingers on you like a warm glow. Cannabis manufacturers like Honu have created a variety of body creams, for example, that can be applied during a massage or through a general application on afflicted areas of the body to greatly alleviate most aches and pains. These are a great alternative to chemical-laden balms as they provide better relief with their potent ingredients and carry no risk of toxicity with long-term use.

Natural Ingredients

Unlike products you might find at a chain pharmacy, cannabis topicals are usually completely all-natural, although you’ll want to check the packaging to make sure. Most marijuana-infused topicals need to use organic ingredients as artificial scents and chemicals can greatly diminish the effectiveness of THC in producing the localized bodily euphoria wherever the topical is applied. Many marijuana companies are also incentivized to work with completely organic ingredients already, as chemical contamination can sometimes disqualify cannabis products for sale. Companies like MJ Farms are making 100% organic cannabis topicals right now, including balms great for relieving soreness after a long workout and lotion that can be applied to a variety of uses.

Enhanced Sensations

Many users of cannabis topicals notice the enhanced feeling in the localized area where the topical is applied. A lot of companies have begun to manufacture lubricants for use during sex; Venspark, for example, manufactures some very effective cannabis-based oils that make great gifts for that special someone who is interested in getting a little more intimate with weed.

Furthermore, many of these topicals can be combined with store-bought solutions like IcyHot to produce more cohesive, fuller effects, so it’s worth experimenting to get the most out of your product. Some products like Ceres’ “Relax” Bath Salts are intended to create a multilayered experience as they treat the body with terpenes and exude fragrances that are enhanced with the topical’s THC-imbued bliss. You really can’t go wrong with cannabis-based topicals, as no other products on the market offer the same glowing experience.

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