New! Mary Mart Now Carries Fairwinds Avocado-Based High-CBD Tinctures & Vape Cartridges


Mary Mart is pleased to announce we now carry new vape cartridge and tincture product lines from Fairwinds, including the different CBD:THC ratio Fairwinds Vape Cartridges and Fairwinds high-CBD AM Relief 300 and PM Relief 300 and 100mg THC Indica and Sativa avocado based tinctures.

Find Your “Golden Ratio” With Fairwinds Vape Cartridges

What makes Fairwinds vape cartridges unique? Two words: Golden Ratio. With their flawlessly formulated cartridges, you can find your “golden ratio,” a perfectly balanced CBD to THC experience!

fairwinds-high-CBD-tinctures-vape-cartridgesWith cartridges that allow you to achieve your desired equilibrium, what you’ll experience is truly next-generation.

Whether you’re looking for a non-psychoactive encounter (no “high”) or you’d like a balanced CBD to THC experience, Fairwinds vape cartridges have you covered.

Unlike most vape cartridges that leave out many of the plant’s essential ingredients, Fairwinds produces vape cartridges that retain a select spectrum of terpenes closely resembling what you’ll find in fresh flower.

To enhance the flavors and effects, Fairwinds even distills the terpenes found in whole plant cannabis and infuse them back into their vape oils.

Produced with Borosilicate glass, stainless steel, and a ceramic atomizer, you can feel confident that you’re only ingesting the highest quality oils, free of unhealthy synthetic materials. 

With each pull, you’ll appreciate a clean, consistent, unparalleled experience. An adjustable air control system even allows you to precision dose, from giant vapor clouds to micro-doses.

Fairwinds CBD vape oils produce a smooth, flavorful vapor with no harsh burn or aftertaste. Combine that with all the effects of CBD that people have come to rely on, choose your optimal ratio, and you’ll enjoy the most savory CBD cartridge on the market:

  • CBD to THC ratio blends (20:1, 15:1, 10:1 & 1:1)
  • Strain-specific CBD cartridges (Omrita strain)
  • 1/2g

The entire vape line consists of the same balanced terpene blend:

  • 32% Caryophyllene
  • 8% A and B Pinene
  • 16% Limonene
  • 4% Linalool
  • 12% Myrcene
  • 9% Nerolidol
  • 19% Proprietary Blend

Find Daytime or Nighttime Relief with Fairwinds High-CBD Tinctures

AM Relief 300 & PM Relief 300

Mary Mart now offers Fairwinds high-CBD tinctures, AM Relief 300 and PM Relief 300. Containing high-potency CBD, raw, unprocessed THCA, and precision micro-dosed THC, this is an epic combination that spells relief.

The process of making the most exquisite high-CBD tinctures on the market begins with one of nature’s healthiest oils, cold-pressed organic avocado oil; full plant extract; select terpene profiles; doTERRA essential oils; and herbal extracts to provide maximum support.

Fairwinds adds non-psychoactive CBD & THCA and a perfectly micro-dosed amount of THC. The result is a perfectly synergized product consisting of whole-plant cannabis extract, a select-spectrum terpene profile, and essential oils and herbal extracts to provide lasting relief.

Optimally synergized, Fairwinds tinctures provide maximum support while ensuring you remain clear-minded so that you don’t sacrifice daily functionality for relief.

The Sativa AM Relief 300 tincture terpene and cannabinoid profile is made up of:

Fairwinds_CBD_Tincture_AM Relief 300

The Indica PM Relief 300 tincture terpene and cannabinoid profile is made up of:

Fairwinds_CBD_Tincture_PM Relief 300

Try the AM Relief 300 for daytime, and the PM Relief 300 for nighttime.

If you’re looking for the psychoactive effects from the avocado tincture line, try their high THC blend in either Sativa or Indica!

Sativa 100mg THC tincture terpene profile:

  • 10% Myrcene
  • 20% Pinene
  • 20% Limonene
  • 30% Caryophyllene
  • 20% Proprietary Blend

Indica 100mg THC tincture terpene profile:

  • 30% Myrcene
  • 20% Linalool
  • 30% Caryophyllene
  • 20% Proprietary Blend

Why Add Terpenes & Herbs?

Terpenes are the cannabis plant’s best-kept secret. Various terpenes are found in every plant but are especially prolific in cannabis. What’s remarkable about them is that most terpenes — individually or synergistically — produce therapeutic benefits.

Powerful compounds, they’re also what gives cannabis strains their unique aromas, while influencing their effects. The effects you’ve come to rely on in cannabis are a result of a symphony of terpenes, cannabinoids, aromas, and flavors. This synergy has come to be known as the “entourage effect.”

Why Start With Avocado Oil?

Having achieved prescription drug status in France, and recognized by Denmark for its potent anti-inflammatory effects, avocado oil is one of the most therapeutically versatile all-natural ingredients humans have yet discovered — next to cannabis, of course!

Fairwinds transitioned from coconut oil to avocado oil to elevate the health benefits of our products, while increasing bioavailability. With the smooth, soft, and non-oily feeling of avocado oil, it consistently produces a luxuriously rich experience. The Fairwinds formula redefines standards and raises the bar to new heights.

What Type Of Herb Extracts Are Used?

Fairwinds uses only powerful herbal extracts known for their therapeutic properties. And, of course, Fairwinds only uses lab-tested extracts that are free of pesticides and heavy metals.

These herbal extracts include the following:

Boswellia – Known also as frankincense, Boswellia is a fragrant resin reportedly known for a variety of pharmacological uses, particularly as an anti-inflammatory agent. The Fairwinds extract is 85% boswellic acids, and 30% AKBA (the most beneficial boswellic acid)

Ginger – Having originated in the tropical rainforests of the Indian subcontinent to Southern Asia, ginger was used for its therapeutic properties by ancient Greeks and Romans. Fairwinds uses a CO2 extract of ginger that is 30% gingerol, the major active component of ginger.

Turmeric – Native to the Indian subcontinent and Southeast Asia, turmeric is known for its warm, pepper-like flavor and earthy, mustard-like aroma. It grows wild in the forests of South and Southeast Asia where natives collect it for its use in traditional Indian medicine. Fairwinds turmeric CO2 extract is 60% turmerones (the major active component of turmeric oil).

Delta-3-Carene – Carene, a terpene found in cannabis, basil, bell peppers, and pine, has a sweet and pungent odor. Carene is known for its anti-inflammatory effects.

Eucalyptol – You’re likely familiar with this terpene. Known for its anti-asthma and anti-inflammatory properties, you’ll find eucalyptol in cannabis, as well as eucalyptus, pepperwood, Spanish sage, bay laurel, and tea tree oil. It’s also a common ingredient in mouthwash and cough suppressants.

FDA Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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  • Michael S. Treitman
    What is the difference tween am 300 and pm 300?
    • Mary Mart
      Hi Michael, the differences may be found within the terpenes and added essential oils. The AM will have a more upbeat and energetic effect while the PM will have more of a chill and relaxing effect. Hope this helps! If you'd like to learn more checkout Fairwind's website at!
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