It’s Getting Hot in Here: New Sriracha Tincture from Fairwinds

We’re thrilled to announce we have added one of the most creative products to hit the market this year – we’ve added a Sriracha tincture from Fairwinds to our cannabis menu! We hope you like spicy…


Feel the Heat!

If you love Sriracha but wish it was a bit hotter, you’re going to love this new tincture. Fairwinds bumped up the heat to around 6,000 on the Scoville chart. That’s pho king hot for some people, but perfect for anyone who likes spicy.

The Sriracha tincture is made from all natural ingredients. It’s also avocado oil-based, gluten-free, vegan, kosher, and non-GMO.

Add this bad boy to your favorite food or beverages. Anything that could use a little kick. Why not replace the vodka in your favorite Bloody Mary with a few drops of the Sriracha tincture? You’ll be asking yourself “self, am I too hot or too high?”

Here’s how our friends at Fairwinds are describing this (literally) hot new product:

“We’re introducing the Fairwinds Sriracha tincture!!! We have formulated this recipe far past the actual flavor of Sriracha but with 100mg of THC to bring on the heat! With chili peppers and hot food in general opening up your mucous membranes, this will be one of our strongest tinctures to date! This has us all asking, are you Too Hot or Too High?!?”

So come on down, or order online, and get too hot or too high!

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