Watch Incredible Local Talent at Mary Mart’s Musician Hour

If you’ve been looking for an amazing music show to catch for free and haven’t checked out Mary Mart’s Musician Hour, you’re missing out! This show brings positive vibes and an expertly and exclusively curated selection of music in Tacoma. It’s a great way to bring in a weekend and make new connections!

Hosted by our very own Terrance P., you can get to know some of our gritty city’s best musical talent.

Our monthly Musician Hour showcases rotating talent, so each show is a unique experience. February’s show included four musicians new to our stage.

Here’s the recap:

Big Sky Mind

Singer and songwriter Big Sky Mind (a.k.a. Nick) opened the show with his soulful voice and indie rock vibes. An excellent start to Mary Mart’s Musician Hour, he delivered smooth melodies from his headstock-less electric guitar. He left the crowd pleased and uplifted!



The Sleep Stealer

A musician of 40+ years, The Sleep Stealer was next to take the stage. He captured the audience’s attention immediately with his bluesy classic rock mixed with modern production sounds and samples. Reminiscent of Pink Floyd, his instrumental performance included remixes and originals, and made for a trippy experience. He not only brought in more crowd, but kept them mesmerized!




Lotus Lynn

Our only female performer of the evening, Lotus Lynn brought lightness, beauty, and connectedness to our stage. Singer, songwriter, and mandolin player, she wooed the crowd with her beautiful voice and insightful lyrics. Plus, she was personable with the crowd between songs and was definitely a favorite of the evening. Check out a music video for her song “Sea Breeze” here!




Lemonade Drae

Winding the Musician Hour down was producer Lemonade Drae. With an amazing ear for sounds, he mixed his sample-heavy beats on the spot for our show and gave the audience a chill vibe. His style and performance was unique for the evening and he provided a variety of sample types, ranging from alternative rock to R&B. He ended on a thought-provoking piece that highlighted issues of hunger and poverty in the US. Drae’s amazing performance was the perfect way to round the evening out!




If you haven’t already checked out Mary Mart’s Musician Hour, what are you waiting for? Come enjoy Tacoma’s best free concert for a 21+ crowd, showcasing incredible local talent! Our next show in March (Friday, 3/22) will be our one year anniversary show. We’re bringing in more fresh, unique talent for this special show. You don’t want to miss this!

Interested in performing in upcoming shows? Contact our marketing marquis and show coordinator, Misha Jones, at with a sample of your work for consideration!

In the meantime, check out our events page for other happenings, or head over to our deals page for upcoming vendor days and weekly deals.


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