Mary Mart’s Musician Hour: Starting 2019 with the Best Local Musical Talent in Tacoma

The winter months in the PNW tend to be a time when most people stay indoors and lay low. But that can make it difficult if you’re looking for an activity to pass the time until the sun comes back again.


Luckily, we’ve got you covered here at Mary Mart! Each month we hold a Musician Hour in Tacoma, showcasing some of the best, freshest talent our gritty city has to offer. From one-man-bands to articulate rappers and everything in between, each show just keeps getting better and better. Make sure to check out our events page so you don’t miss out on the next one!


Here’s the recap from our latest show in mid-January:


His first time performing in the Musician Hour, songwriter/rapper Dougie got the crowd bobbing with his positive, feel-good beats and lyrics. His groovy and interactive style was appreciated by all and was the perfect kickoff to the show! Check out his music on Youtube where you can catch his new song previewed at our show.


T-Town Tim

No stranger to the Mary Mart stage, T-Town Tim graced us once again! The audience loved his classic rock/blues style with his electric guitar and harmonica combination. He jammed out some improvised tunes, along with some of his own written music (“Weedless Wednesday”) and a Jimi Hendrix cover. He even entertained the crowd with some light-hearted jokes and interaction. Like the last Musician Hour, Tim made use of recording/looping sounds on the spot. He truly mesmerized us all!


Sean the Shaman and Torbjorn

More first time performers at the shop, Sean the Shaman with DJ/producer Torbjorn brought the audience to their feet! Sean rapped and sang his self-written, conscious lyrics while Torbjorn spun accompanying beats on the spot. Complete with props, their large stage presence got the crowd dancing and excited! Make sure to check out Torbjorn’s new song here featuring Vicci Martiez!

Sean the Shaman’s IG

Torbjorn’s IG

Laila Ali

A spontaneous, special guest performer, Laila Ali brought the fire with her rhythmically beautiful spoken word performance from the point of view of a flowering cannabis plant. It was feminine, powerful, and informative (historically and scientifically), and drew metaphors of the cannabis plant as a woman. Her dynamic performance brought in more people to the crowd! Aside from poetry writing, she works for Kush Tourism in Seattle.

Sam Bogle and Isaac Mac

Wrapping up the Musician Hour in Tacoma, and another new performance to our stage, was Sam and Isaac. With Sam on guitar and Isaac on bass, the pair delivered groovy, bluesy, classic rock sounds. They added layers and complexity to their self-written music and smooth vocals by recording and looping sounds. Aside from their original music, they covered a song by John Mayer and an extra-special cover of “Hey Ya!” by OutKast in their personal style that the crowd loved! Their performance was like a smooth nightcap to the evening and relaxed the energetic crowd.

Sam Bogle’s IG

Isaac Mac’s IG

Still haven’t been to Mary Mart’s Musician Hour in Tacoma? What are you waiting for? Don’t miss the next one! Come in and take a seat on our cozy couches to watch local musical talent perform! In the meantime, check out our deals page for all upcoming product deals!

Looking to expose your talent locally? Contact our marketing marquis, Misha, at with a sample of your work to be considered! We’re always looking for new talent to showcase in our Musician Hour.

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