Musician Hour in Tacoma: The Best Local Musical Talent Presented By Mary Mart

Many of you are already fans of Mary Mart’s Got Talent, a local talent show we’ve held monthly since March 2018. As the show has progressed and developed, however, we decided to transform our talent show into Mary Mart’s Musician Hour in Tacoma, curating only the best so we can bring you a sample of the astounding musical talent our city boasts.

Our first ever Musician Hour, hosted once again by our very own and very talented Terrance P., was held on Friday, November 9. The crowd filled up the seats in the early evening to listen to an amazing group of local musicians.

Here’s the recap of first Musician Hour in Tacoma.

Forest Butel

Musicians Hour Forest

Forest dazzled the crowd as a one-man-band, complete with an electric banjo, a harmonica, a bass drum, and hi-hat cymbals. His self-written bluegrass songs and impressive coordination brought in an adoring audience. You might catch him playing some time at the Proctor Farmer’s Market, or you can purchase one of his CDs or vinyls!


Adam Rahming

Musician Hour in Tacoma Adam

For the first time, our very own budtender Adam took to the stage to deliver his soulful singing. He shared with us his rendition of a classic R&B song, along with one of his own self-written songs. The audience absolutely loved him!



 Musician Hour in Tacoma R&D

A solo drummer, R&D brought something different and wonderful to the Musician Hour in Tacoma. With his light style of drumming, he added beats to a set of indie instrumentals and made great use of crescendo and decrescendo for added effect. He left the crowd wowed and wanting more!

Colin Corpe

 Musician Hour in Tacoma Colin

Having recently moved to the Tacoma area from North Carolina, Colin uses his spoken word poetry and his privileged platform to bring attention to important topics like politics, race, and anxiety and depression. He used a smooth, steady rhythm to speak the truth matched the crowd’s vibes!


King Cavitt


Our one rap artist of the evening, King Cavitt showcased his self-written conscious lyrics and beats to match. He brought a performance that got the audience on their feet! You can check out his music on Soundcloud, link found in his bio on Instagram.

Demetrius Williams II

 Musician Hour in Tacoma Demetrius

Though he usually plays with a band, Demetrius impressed the audience with his solo drumming to accompany a few R&B songs. His smooth, professional style and expert tricks blew the crowd away!


Check Out Upcoming Mary Mart Events

If you missed the first Mary Mart Musician Hour in Tacoma, don’t panic! You can check out the live feed video of the performances here. We’ll be holding the Musician Hour monthly in place of our talent show, so there will be even more opportunities to attend. In the meantime, check out our other events happening this month, like our next Education Hour on Friday, December 21!

Do you have a musical talent you want to showcase? Send an email to with a few clips of your sounds for consideration in upcoming shows!

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