Mary Mart’s 4th Anniversary as a Beloved Tacoma Cannabis Dispensary

Mary Mart’s popularity and prominence as a Tacoma cannabis dispensary can sometimes overshadow our humble beginnings. With our 4th birthday coming up this month, we wanted to take a look back at how we got where we are today.

In the Beginning

We started in a tiny establishment across the street from the current storefront as a family-run mom-and-pop recreational dispensary. After gaining recognition through our friendly customer service, and knowledgeable and diverse staff, we quickly outgrew our tiny store. Today, it’s still family-run with the added help of our excellent management crew and seasoned budtenders.

Community Involvement

We didn’t want to lose the mom-and-pop mentality as we grew. That’s why we love to involve ourselves in the community and give back to the city that allowed us to thrive. Mary Mart has been involved with multiple community events and companies, including sponsoring PCAF’s 30th anniversary, the Gritty City Sirens Burlesque Squad, The Dope Show, ETC Open Mic Night, Black Sushi Art & Fashion Show, Tacoma Arts Walk, Art on the Ave; and the first Tacoma cannabis dispensary to sponsor the Tacoma Freedom Fair. We have also organized some recurring events open to the 21+ community: Mary Mart’s Got Talent, Mary Mart Education Hour, and Mary Mart’s 6th Ave Clean-Up.

We’ve even held an interview with a District Representative, Derek Young, and an interview with a Tacoma Park Commissioner, Erik Hanberg, to make sure we are doing everything we can to help the community evolve and keep the people informed. Plus, you can check out our most recent interview with our first-ever sponsored athlete, local MMA fighter Chris Stone, right here!

Our Future

We will continue to build and grow relationships with ethical i502 companies and prominent Tacoma community members — as we have with BD Local, the Sixth Avenue Business District (SABD) Association, and local police. Most recently, we have partnered with Grit City Magazine, an established local magazine that seeks to share and promote local businesses and stories. We’ve chosen to partner and grow with these businesses, among others, as they share in a similar vision, vibe, and love for our gritty city.

Celebrate with Us

Whether you’ve been frequenting our cannabis dispensary since we were across the street, or are a new friendly face, we would love to see you at our 4th anniversary celebration on Saturday, September 15th! Don’t miss out on sweet in-store deals on Saturday the 15th and Sunday the 16th! Plus, you can catch the next Mary Mart’s Got Talent just a day before our anniversary on Friday, September 14th!

If you can’t make it, don’t worry! We are constantly getting involved, so be on the lookout for more moving and grooving events and happenings involving the Mary Mart crew. We look forward to continually helping shape the City of Destiny and hope to see you out at our upcoming birthday celebration!


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