Reliving the August & September Talent Shows

Mary Mart’s Got Talent is back again! If you haven’t already seen it, you’ve got to check out one of the best shows in Tacoma! Our gritty city boasts wonderful talent ranging from music to comedy and everything in between, and our talent shows just keep getting better. Since our last show in June, we’ve held them monthly beginning in August. Below, we’ll be recapping both the August and September talent shows in this post.

Hosted by Terrance P, here are August’s show highlights:

Isaac Campbell-Smith



This was comedian Isaac’s first performance at our talent show. He kept the crowd’s attention with his dark humor and astrology-themed jokes!

Rice Man



A Mary Mart’s Got Talent favorite, Rice Man performed for a third time! His stoner jokes are a favorite among the shop crowd. He’s also an Uber driver, so hopefully, you can catch his jokes on the road.

Jill Silva


Another of our favorite performers, comedian Jill Silva returned to our stage for this show. The crowd loved her interactive style and chill vibes! You can catch her stand-up more regularly at Bob’s Java Jive.

Eli Schvetzel


For his first talent show performance, published poet Eli shared his comedic poetry. He performed frequently in his younger days but is now back after a 14-year hiatus. The audience found his performance unique!

Sterling Evans


Another first-timer, comedian Sterling wooed the audience! His hilarious alien jokes and nonchalant style of delivery put the crowd at ease.

Colin Reynolds


Back for a second talent show, musician and songwriter Colin was a crowd favorite. His bluesy and folksy style and incredible singing were well-loved by all.

Peyton Spencer


Peyton’s first talent show performance started a bit shaky, but he fought through the stage fright to deliver an incredible show! His conscious rap was packed with emotion and reminiscent of Tupac.

Next up, the highlights from September’s show, hosted by our talent show director, Misha:

Jacob Gulino


Our first performer at the talent show, reggae musician Jacob, immediately hooked the crowd with soulful lyrics smoothly delivered with the melody of his electric guitar.

T-Town Tim


T-Town Tim rocked the crowd a third time! Covering songs from Hendrix and the like, he gave us a new spin by live-recording and looping beats to make a single guitar sound like a whole band.

Erin Crouch


Hailing from Alaska, this was Erin’s first time at our Tacoma talent show, and the sole comedian this time! She got the crowd roaring with her honest humor about life as a woman and a mom.

Brandon Marsalis


Brandon gave a truly spectacular performance! His jazz and funk-inspired hip-hop got everyone movin’ and groovin’. He’s performed on tour with Macklemore in the past and we hope to see him at future talent shows!

Akunna Amaefule


Akunna imbued her spoken word poetry with her beautifully rich Nigerian culture. She commanded attention on the Mary Mart stage!

Zyon Moon


Our last performance was by Zyon Moon, a musician from Seattle. His mix of original lyrics and classic ‘90s R&B samples wooed the crowd!

Don’t stress if you missed out! The next Mary Mart’s Got Talent will be on November 9th. Be sure not to miss some of Tacoma’s greatest talent here in our shop! We’re always looking for fresh talent, so if you’d like to be showcased in another one of our shows in Tacoma, send a message to for a chance to perform.

Looking for other Mart Mart events? Check out our events page!

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