Mary Mart Highlights dàmà Cannabis Products

At Mary Mart, we are always on the lookout for high-quality products to offer our customers. In the state of Washington, you don’t have to look far to come across passionate cannabis product manufacturers. At our Tacoma dispensary, you’ll always get top of the line items crafted by the most professional companies in the industry.

That’s why we’re pleased to shine a spotlight on one of our finest suppliers, dàmà Cannabis Products. dàmà has a distinguished history in the cannabis space, going back to the medical market, offering top-shelf quality dried flower, pre-rolls, capsules, and their signature potent dàmà oil. Mary Mart’s website has one of the best selections of dàmà products in Tacoma available.

New Beginnings

Being pioneers in a brand new legal recreational cannabis market doesn’t come without roadblocks and hurdles. In 2016, the Washington Liquor and Cannabis Board (LCB) caused a pesticide violation to be leveled against dàmà. Though all dàmà products beyond a small quadrant of unregulated plants were eventually cleared for sale by the LCB, issued a pesticide violation to be leveled against dàmà as a result of a gap or loophole in the legislation at the time. Though all dàmà products beyond a small quadrant of mother plants still containing trace amounts of an un-authorized pesticide were eventually cleared for sale by the LCB, dàmà suffered a hit to their reputation and they have been working diligently to recover. See their statement and the timeline of events here.

In the early stages of recreational legalization in Washington, many cannabis manufacturers were caught up in legal minutiae as a result of transitioning to the legal market. dàmà has since eliminated shortcomings in legislation with the LCB and gone above and beyond to meet regulatory needs by offering a stellar, pure product that is batch tested. These test results are available on their website by putting in the lot number found on each package. This will produce the lab results that came directly from the lab from every batch they produce.

What began as a simple inquiry from the LCB to their garden has resulted in more efficient regulation of the entire industry. dàmà helped create action levels that help the LCB identify how and when un-approved cannabis pesticides make their way into our non-cannabis and cannabis products alike. These were not in place at the time. Pesticides can be a complicated subject as they are widely used in agriculture, industrial and home use so they are found everywhere. Their experience, although a tough one, became an opportunity to elevate the cannabis experience and the industry as a whole regarding the subject and they are not afraid to talk about it.

Incredible Packaging
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dama products Tacoma

dàmà products exceed in their field; not only do they offer some of the highest quality oils in their flavored distillate vape cartridge line available on the market, but they also keep consumers in the loop with crucial product information labeling.

In a market where many manufacturers want to keep cannabis customers in the dark about the potency and purity of their product, dàmà lays it all out, providing everything from terpene profiles to details about cannabinoids and their intended physiological effects.

dama cannabis products terpenes

Experienced cannabis consumers will know that terpenes are the component of cannabis that gives each strain its individuality, determining its fragrance and flavor. Terpenes are even said to modify the effects of cannabinoids like THC and CBD, adding yet another layer of unique qualities to every new genetic mixture.

Note: Strains with no terpene or effect profile on the back of the packaging is part of dàmà’s pheno/strain hunt. These are, most times, limited edition runs. Depending on how popular these strains are will determine if dàmà keeps them, and when they do they will then provide a terpene and effect profile on the back.

No other product manufacturer has you covered like dàmà does; every time you make a purchase, you know exactly what you’re getting and what kind of cannabis experience you’re in for. Whether you want something mellow or a strain to ignite the mind, you won’t find a better solution than dàmà products in Tacoma.

A Mary Mart Voice!

Mary Mart thrives on building positive relationships with consumers and manufacturers alike. Sometimes our close ties with companies like dàmà can produce amazing results!

When one of our budtenders and our Mary Mart’s Got Talent host, Terrance P., met Tygus, a dàmà representative, he mentioned the strain OG Kush as a strain he liked from the early days of dàmà in medical and the new recreational markets. It was a strain that dàmà was growing less and less of as the market trended towards the latest and greatest genetic crosses. OG Kush is a classic strain that was the favorite of Tygus’s, and when he and Terrance shared their love for the strain, it changed the fate of the OG Kush genetics dàmà was barely holding onto! There were no plans for continued production of OG Kush strain from dàmà at that point, but with Mary Mart’s personal intervention, and Terrance P. and Tygus’s love for the classic strain, they willed it back into a steady harvest rotation! Without that close partnership between dàmà and Mary Mart, a classic OG Kush phenotype might have been lost to the ages.

The OG Kush strain will absolutely blow your mind with its intensity! It has a classic earthy, pine-like sweet taste and smell that tickles the nostrils! Mary Mart and dàmà both hit a winner with this one, and we hope to continue our success with a long partnership for the benefit of all Tacoma cannabis consumers.

Want to browse all of the dàmà products available from Mary Mart? Visit the Mary Mary Menu page, then filter your search by “Brand,” then choose “dàmà” – this will share all the dàmà products we currently have in stock.

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